Tara Michelle WestMy passion and purpose is in helping people and assisting others in growing; personally, professionally and financially – all whilst having FUN! I truly believe that when you connect with your passion and values, you find a newfound purpose in life which motivates and drives you to become the successful, true-spirited person that you are.

What is your passion and purpose? Have a wander through my blog; I have some great content that will help you in shaping your vision and goals, and empower and encourage you in mapping your course, striking out on your journey, and crossing the finishing line.


I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak and at about age 6 I set out on my first business adventure; selling toys door-to-door. I think I gave my mum a heart attack and that business venture didn’t last very long!

My next business venture was formed as I was riding my horse one day – I decided I was going to start a horse poo business!  However, at 13 I didn’t have a car license to lug around all of those bags of poo, so I roped my dad into being my business partner for a cut of the revenue. He’d arrive at the place where I was agisting my horse, trailer hooked to the car, and then we’d start hauling these bags into the trailer so I could do some door-to-door sales.  Thereafter, I spent my weekends cultivating my little, then huge, pile of horse poo and traipsing around the town to fulfil my orders. After quite a few months of hauling around horse poo, I decided shovelling wasn’t my thing so I gave the business away! 😀

Around the same time I decided words were my thing, so I wrote my first kids novel, where I diligently spent weeks punching it out on an old typewriter and then ‘rented’ it out.

These days, you won’t find me marketing horse poo or churning out children’s books on a typewriter! Instead, as a Coach I help people and businesses in identifying their strengths and authentically stepping out on their path.

On a personal note, I’m a nature lover, animal lover, and nuts about all things positive and inspirational. When I’m not coaching, you’ll find me wandering around the countryside, camera in hand, or sharing content and images that inspire and uplift.

I am passionate about helping people and being a catalyst to them achieving what they want out of life. I feel blessed every day that I am on this journey.

I invite you to stay connected by subscribing to my blog. You will find some interesting content that will enrich your life and assist you in stepping out on your journey of transformation and results – in your business, career, and personal life. As an ongoing student of life and business, I am excited at sharing with you the stuff I already know, but also the new knowledge that I come across in Life’s Continuing Journey. We all have the skills within to be Masters of our Life Plan and Live Life with Passion and Purpose.

Warmest wishes,

Your friend, Tara





“This Side of Heaven”

Dedicated to my special little man

Cain West
6th March 2002 – 15th April 2015