Part 2: How to define your values, wants and needs so you can create a road-map and mindset that is crucial to defining who you are, where you want to go, and the Entrepreneurial vision to succeed.

Once you’ve clearly Defined Your Values For Business Success (Part 1) you’ll then want to work out what your wants and needs are in alignment with your Values.

Now you know what truly matters to you and makes you fulfilled (aka your values), how does that fit into the whole business plan?  How can you fit that into your business life?

Next step is in defining your strengths; what you love doing and that makes your heart sing with joy… incidentally, can you see how this is starting to fit with your Values?  Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle 😛

The first piece of the jigsaw puzzle is your Values, the next piece is listing out what you’re good at or love doing.  Everything can be learned, so don’t be concerned if you’re not a ‘master’ of something you love doing or would love to do… when you consistently apply that skill and continuously upgrade your knowledge, you WILL become a master and leader.

Below is a Worksheet to help you out, but hang on to your horses… don’t open it yet.  Because there’s another piece of the jigsaw that makes it all fit together.

And that is your Needs.

When you’ve identified what you love doing and of which speaks to your heart, the next piece of the jigsaw puzzle is to define what your needs are at this point in time.  For instance, given that you want to find or start a home based business, one of these needs may be flexibility and freedom to work the hours you want.  Complete this part of the Worksheet and jot down all the reasons you are starting a home based business; and I mean EVERYTHING, no matter if you feel something is trivial – jot it down.

You’re nearly there…

Final step of the jigsaw puzzle is to define your Wants.

And I want you to dream BIG here.  What do you REALLY want out of life, out of your business?  Your home based business will determine the QUALITY of life you have, so consider your personal life as well, not just your business wants.

As an example, one of your wants for a home based business may be to earn $250k annually; so this would affect your personal life too in what you want for yourself and your family.  DREAM BIG.  Imagine this part of your Worksheet as your Life & Business Canvas; here you can design the life and business that you REALLY want – not just need.

Once you’re done defining your Values, Strengths, Needs and Wants, you will start to see an emerging pattern of what really matters to you.

Only then can you can start to put all the jigsaw pieces together to map out your future life and identify a business that is in alignment with all four areas.

Once you do, and once you find or start that home based business which is in alignment with all four areas, then you will truly step out with passion and purpose and enjoy the LIFE you created for yourself.

Have fun piecing it together! 😀

Your Friend, Tara


Download Your Wants & Needs Worksheet