I wonder why people worry about wrinkles?

I don’t call them wrinkles. I like to think of them as life-lines. What do I mean? Hmm… when I’m in need of a pick-me-up, all I have to do is look at my dad’s life-lines and I am reminded of life’s little treasures …

I look at the entrenched line around his left eye … he’s talking to me, but I’m not listening!! 😉 I’m transported back to the time when he left the plastic pot plant holder on top of the wood stove. An hour later the room stank and the wood stove was decorated with melted green plastic!! I chuckle. “Yes Dad, I’m listening”, I assure him.

My gaze shifts to the line running around his right eye. Wow! I reckon I put that one there. I smile.

Shift to the life-line next to it. I’m sent back to my Melbournian days. Phew! Lucky Dad didn’t have a heart attack that time he walked into the wrong apartment – and came across a naked woman! I’ve never seen Dad look so shocked!! I laugh really hard. “No Dad. I know what you said wasn’t funny. I am listening!”

I try to concentrate on what he’s saying. Dad smiles. And right there, right where I am looking, is a laugh life-line! Yep. I remember that Christmas 15 years ago when we put on a CD – right up loud – and Dad, Mum, my sister and I danced round the lounge room, laughing and singing at the top of our lungs!!! It was a cowboy song (hmm… can’t remember which one – wonder where that life-line is?!), and we were really going for it, clapping and stomping and yee-haaing! Our front door was open, and when the song was finished we all collapsed in a heap laughing, looked over to the door, and there’s this stranger looking at us like we were exhibits in a zoo! Ahh… that sure was funny! What a great treasure that one!!

As I’m remembering this I chuckle, then giggle, then lean over with mirth. I look up. Dad’s looking at me, smiling.

“Sorry, Dad, what were you saying?” As he goes on, I see the life-line round his nose. Ahh… I remember when…